Monday, March 31, 2008

I ..

I like the sky when its completely clear or when its filled with clouds and sputtered with colours.. I like the sky in general.. I enjoy rains only on weekends .. I like empty streets.. I like the sea but somehow wont go any further until my feet touches the sand underneath.. I love winters and the chilliness associated with them..

I don't like talking on the phone.. I like a more personal talk(expressions are very important for me)..I think i can be a bit(a tiny bit)rude when i talk(Some people might think otherwise).. I like people who don't agree to things easily.. I am one of them.. I enjoy listening to others .. I have never been an interesting speaker.. I am an ambivert , talking the most with friends and not wanting to say a thing when with strangers.. I tell all my wishes to my "wanna-be-like-him" friend only and he is the unlimited recycle bin for me..

My best friend doesn't know he is my best friend or might be he knows..I am always branded as the one who categorizes friends and may be i do..I like making my small group of very-close friends but the size has become larger as i have grown..May Be i am good friend..

I love football,and all sports in general..but I haven't had a chance to play any as i would have liked..I love Bollywood as any other Indian..But i like the brainless masala movies as much as the one with the path breaking plots..I like shahrukh khan's handling of his stardom..Aamir Khan's a self proclaimed perfectionist,perfection who cares..but he's the best actor around..I like item songs ..I love Rakhi sawant's antics..The attention-grabbing antics drive me crazy..I like listening songs when they are oven-fresh..and listen them even before anyone does..I think review kind of changes our view..At any moment i have only one favourite song which i like to listen over and over again until i get enough of it..At the moment it is "Dekhta hai tu Kya",an item song from Krazzy 4 featuring Rakhi(it had to be!!)..Dhoni's my favourite leader..but he gives a bit more sound-byte than needed ..

I am the most insecure person on earth at one moment and the most over-confident bloke on the planet the other moment..I think i am a psycho or may be !!