Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Johhnny Gaddar!!

We basked in the glory of the sun in the beach.Pounding each other with enormous kisses that didn't miss the attention of the crowd.But we couldn't care less.I was rich and she was poor. But this was a love story made in heaven.We had declared our love to the world and wont stop till we had enough of it.And I knew it would never be enough as the LOVE had been brewing since ages . I always gave her a i-love-you-smile during my evening walks. And she would give me the yes-i-do-affirmative look which just drove me crazy. The sun had now set and there was the twilight now .I knew this was the time to elope with my love. .

Suddenly i hear someone screaming out my name loudly,"Johhnny!!Johhnny!!".I get scared as the voice seemed familiar.

A tall dark man comes out from the dark . He has got a leather Collar in his hand.I wonder why..
I could recognize the collar .

It was mine!!It was the one i broke out from...