Monday, July 21, 2008


Room-Mates changed but the rooms' still the same..
Peoples changed but the worlds' still the same..
Cricket changed but the games' still the same..
The way to woo a girl changed but the loves' still the same..
Indian gave way to western but still the same 'shit happens'..
Movies have a all new look but the stories are still the same..
Orkut's got new themes but still the funda of social networking remains the same..
I mite have changed the pattern of this blog but the madness is the same..

You will have new room-mates ,would love the new cricket and find better ways to woo a girl..
You would learn to use western loo and you would love the new orkut themes ...

But hope you dont get lost in the changes..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Johhnny Gaddar!!

We basked in the glory of the sun in the beach.Pounding each other with enormous kisses that didn't miss the attention of the crowd.But we couldn't care less.I was rich and she was poor. But this was a love story made in heaven.We had declared our love to the world and wont stop till we had enough of it.And I knew it would never be enough as the LOVE had been brewing since ages . I always gave her a i-love-you-smile during my evening walks. And she would give me the yes-i-do-affirmative look which just drove me crazy. The sun had now set and there was the twilight now .I knew this was the time to elope with my love. .

Suddenly i hear someone screaming out my name loudly,"Johhnny!!Johhnny!!".I get scared as the voice seemed familiar.

A tall dark man comes out from the dark . He has got a leather Collar in his hand.I wonder why..
I could recognize the collar .

It was mine!!It was the one i broke out from...

Monday, March 31, 2008

I ..

I like the sky when its completely clear or when its filled with clouds and sputtered with colours.. I like the sky in general.. I enjoy rains only on weekends .. I like empty streets.. I like the sea but somehow wont go any further until my feet touches the sand underneath.. I love winters and the chilliness associated with them..

I don't like talking on the phone.. I like a more personal talk(expressions are very important for me)..I think i can be a bit(a tiny bit)rude when i talk(Some people might think otherwise).. I like people who don't agree to things easily.. I am one of them.. I enjoy listening to others .. I have never been an interesting speaker.. I am an ambivert , talking the most with friends and not wanting to say a thing when with strangers.. I tell all my wishes to my "wanna-be-like-him" friend only and he is the unlimited recycle bin for me..

My best friend doesn't know he is my best friend or might be he knows..I am always branded as the one who categorizes friends and may be i do..I like making my small group of very-close friends but the size has become larger as i have grown..May Be i am good friend..

I love football,and all sports in general..but I haven't had a chance to play any as i would have liked..I love Bollywood as any other Indian..But i like the brainless masala movies as much as the one with the path breaking plots..I like shahrukh khan's handling of his stardom..Aamir Khan's a self proclaimed perfectionist,perfection who cares..but he's the best actor around..I like item songs ..I love Rakhi sawant's antics..The attention-grabbing antics drive me crazy..I like listening songs when they are oven-fresh..and listen them even before anyone does..I think review kind of changes our view..At any moment i have only one favourite song which i like to listen over and over again until i get enough of it..At the moment it is "Dekhta hai tu Kya",an item song from Krazzy 4 featuring Rakhi(it had to be!!)..Dhoni's my favourite leader..but he gives a bit more sound-byte than needed ..

I am the most insecure person on earth at one moment and the most over-confident bloke on the planet the other moment..I think i am a psycho or may be !!

Friday, March 28, 2008

That Night at the PUB!!

DZ sat on the couch puffing his cigar .Two guys surrounded him and seemed to be anxious in their own ways. I could make out they were his body guards and something sticked out from their shirts below which made me believe that they were armed. In the mean time DZ was puffing out his cigar as it was his last cigar in his life....

I hope it was...

I have been planning on getting the better of him for the past few weeks now.And now that he has been threatening my family for more money ,I had to get rid of him or else we would en up being beggars..

I had no weapons .

My brother was waiting downstairs and he would be anxious now।I had said him it would hardly take 30 minutes for our plan to be successful. It has now been one long hour॥The security around DZ was not easy to get through..I curse my fate. I see one of the man going to get a drink for DZ.

A shiver went through my spine।I said it was my chance.

I stood up with a bottle in my hand and smacked it on the wooden tale।The pieces of glass fly out , each one shining in the colourful lights of the PUB.I caught the attention of the huge body guard and he seems to be coming towards me. I walk away from the bodyguard and and aiming directly at DZ I throw the broken bottle.It has hit his neck and I can see him crying out in pain.There is a pool of blood near him.I must run now and get on the bike with my brother.I move towards the door but suddenly i hear a gun-shot. I feel a sudden thud in my legs.I try to see what it is ..

Alas!! I am hit ..And i see that the body guard pointing his gun towards me and screaming ,"You Thug !You Killed DZ!!"..

Bang! Bang!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cover..

Was traveling in an overcrowded bus.People jostling and hustling for leg space.I get pushed around given my dimunitive figure.Slowly i am pushed forward and reach the middle of the bus.People hurling abuses when i step over their foot.I give an apologizing smile.I see the ladies seat are nearby and take care i don't go too close towards them.

I see a lady with long black locks near the window reading something with her hair kissing the air that is flying in through the window.She tries to take the hair off her face and get back to reading.I see she's quite engrossed in reading .She doesn't seem to be affected by the noise around her.I get inquisitive.I forget where i am traveling to trying to see what she was reading and that too in such an engrossed manner.

With more pushing and shoving ,now i am very close to her seat.I can see the cover of her book through her arms.The Cover is very colourful with a picture on the top.I seem to know the guy in the picture.The cover seems very familiar to me but i cannot comprehend anything given the fleeting glance i got of it.My stop is nearing by. I think of asking her what she is reading but it would seem a bit intrusive if i ask her. Then I decide to wait until she gets down from the bus so that i can see the cover of the book when she would be going to keep it inside her bag.I am trying not to let anyone obstruct my view.I wonder when she is going to get down.Suddenly she is asking the conductor to stop the bus.With the book in her hand she is trying to rush to the door.Unable to see anything i also run towards the back door.

She just got down .I also jump out from the slowly-getting-to-the-normal-pace bus. I follow her. She suddenly stops and stares at me. She seems excited . I wonder why?

She comes running towards me and opens her book .The book has got my name as the author.She gives me a pen ,saying "Autograph Please?".

I wake up from my dream...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Serbian Mystery...

We had been in contact for the past five years yet we haven't seen each other .We only know our email ids.And "" (des) or ""(jes) hardly reveals anything other than our mysterious approach towards each other.We wanted to be friends but we wont reveal anything more than ASL.

One thing Jes knew that des was a lady no more than 22 years old and staying in pazar,Serbia. He would manage his work so that he could be prompt in replying to a "Hi", that appear daily at the same time , in the lower left corner of his mac book screen .He would wait the whole day thinking about what to chat with des the following evening.Jes had been smitten by des' personality.

Des revealed less and less of her personality taking full care that she did justice to her email-id.An he loved the mysticism this mystic beauty from the Serbian hills displayed and had decided to meet her sometime in the near future.

Suddenly, the Serbian war for democracy began and Jes came to know that Pazar was in the midst of the war and was no more than a pile of dust now.As much as he tried to console himself ,it slowly came to him that his Des was gone...

He would sit daily opening his messenger hoping against hope.

Three years have passed on and things have changed. has lost its popularity.And Jes his hair.

Spring has set in and Jes was in front of his mac again ,when he suddenly saw a beep and then sprang a message from the lower left corner of his mac book screen.

It read "Hi"...

[P.S-- Inspired By selma!!]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All I saw is you, I thought I was all you ever saw.

I waited with bated breath to see her come through the same lane .I have seen her stare at me with that look that was not offensive but one that intrigued me a lot.The same ritual had happened for many days now and i have found out all i needed to know about her.Now we had become friends and have known each other for over six months now.

And with the wink of my eyes my heart beat faster as she approached closer and closer to me.I could see The Puppy trying to jump out of her lap and come running towards me .I grow more and more anxious thinking she would finally say yes for the question that i have asked her so many times through my eyes but never had the courage to put words to it."No matter what happens I would say it to her today",I quipped .

Then she came even closer trying to adjust her dress which was slipping through her arms and making her inner clothes visible. I try not to stare and get caught with she thinking ,"How Cheap!!".

But as with many of the same kind of relationships the primary attraction was her divine body,now shining radiant and glowing even more in the bright sunlight.Her dark glasses revealing nothing .I think shes trying not to show her emotions .She tries to run as she comes closer ...I am ecstatic..She suddenly stops in front of me while my arms are raised and waiting to embrace the Love of my Life..

She seems puzzled...I am ashamed...

With a secret smile she says ,"You Dog ,Why didn't you propose me earlier? ".

And without speaking anything i pulled her up and gave her a huge Kiss..

Thats how i met ..