Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All I saw is you, I thought I was all you ever saw.

I waited with bated breath to see her come through the same lane .I have seen her stare at me with that look that was not offensive but one that intrigued me a lot.The same ritual had happened for many days now and i have found out all i needed to know about her.Now we had become friends and have known each other for over six months now.

And with the wink of my eyes my heart beat faster as she approached closer and closer to me.I could see The Puppy trying to jump out of her lap and come running towards me .I grow more and more anxious thinking she would finally say yes for the question that i have asked her so many times through my eyes but never had the courage to put words to it."No matter what happens I would say it to her today",I quipped .

Then she came even closer trying to adjust her dress which was slipping through her arms and making her inner clothes visible. I try not to stare and get caught with she thinking ,"How Cheap!!".

But as with many of the same kind of relationships the primary attraction was her divine body,now shining radiant and glowing even more in the bright sunlight.Her dark glasses revealing nothing .I think shes trying not to show her emotions .She tries to run as she comes closer ...I am ecstatic..She suddenly stops in front of me while my arms are raised and waiting to embrace the Love of my Life..

She seems puzzled...I am ashamed...

With a secret smile she says ,"You Dog ,Why didn't you propose me earlier? ".

And without speaking anything i pulled her up and gave her a huge Kiss..

Thats how i met ..