Friday, March 28, 2008

That Night at the PUB!!

DZ sat on the couch puffing his cigar .Two guys surrounded him and seemed to be anxious in their own ways. I could make out they were his body guards and something sticked out from their shirts below which made me believe that they were armed. In the mean time DZ was puffing out his cigar as it was his last cigar in his life....

I hope it was...

I have been planning on getting the better of him for the past few weeks now.And now that he has been threatening my family for more money ,I had to get rid of him or else we would en up being beggars..

I had no weapons .

My brother was waiting downstairs and he would be anxious now।I had said him it would hardly take 30 minutes for our plan to be successful. It has now been one long hour॥The security around DZ was not easy to get through..I curse my fate. I see one of the man going to get a drink for DZ.

A shiver went through my spine।I said it was my chance.

I stood up with a bottle in my hand and smacked it on the wooden tale।The pieces of glass fly out , each one shining in the colourful lights of the PUB.I caught the attention of the huge body guard and he seems to be coming towards me. I walk away from the bodyguard and and aiming directly at DZ I throw the broken bottle.It has hit his neck and I can see him crying out in pain.There is a pool of blood near him.I must run now and get on the bike with my brother.I move towards the door but suddenly i hear a gun-shot. I feel a sudden thud in my legs.I try to see what it is ..

Alas!! I am hit ..And i see that the body guard pointing his gun towards me and screaming ,"You Thug !You Killed DZ!!"..

Bang! Bang!!