Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cover..

Was traveling in an overcrowded bus.People jostling and hustling for leg space.I get pushed around given my dimunitive figure.Slowly i am pushed forward and reach the middle of the bus.People hurling abuses when i step over their foot.I give an apologizing smile.I see the ladies seat are nearby and take care i don't go too close towards them.

I see a lady with long black locks near the window reading something with her hair kissing the air that is flying in through the window.She tries to take the hair off her face and get back to reading.I see she's quite engrossed in reading .She doesn't seem to be affected by the noise around her.I get inquisitive.I forget where i am traveling to trying to see what she was reading and that too in such an engrossed manner.

With more pushing and shoving ,now i am very close to her seat.I can see the cover of her book through her arms.The Cover is very colourful with a picture on the top.I seem to know the guy in the picture.The cover seems very familiar to me but i cannot comprehend anything given the fleeting glance i got of it.My stop is nearing by. I think of asking her what she is reading but it would seem a bit intrusive if i ask her. Then I decide to wait until she gets down from the bus so that i can see the cover of the book when she would be going to keep it inside her bag.I am trying not to let anyone obstruct my view.I wonder when she is going to get down.Suddenly she is asking the conductor to stop the bus.With the book in her hand she is trying to rush to the door.Unable to see anything i also run towards the back door.

She just got down .I also jump out from the slowly-getting-to-the-normal-pace bus. I follow her. She suddenly stops and stares at me. She seems excited . I wonder why?

She comes running towards me and opens her book .The book has got my name as the author.She gives me a pen ,saying "Autograph Please?".

I wake up from my dream...