Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Serbian Mystery...

We had been in contact for the past five years yet we haven't seen each other .We only know our email ids.And "" (des) or ""(jes) hardly reveals anything other than our mysterious approach towards each other.We wanted to be friends but we wont reveal anything more than ASL.

One thing Jes knew that des was a lady no more than 22 years old and staying in pazar,Serbia. He would manage his work so that he could be prompt in replying to a "Hi", that appear daily at the same time , in the lower left corner of his mac book screen .He would wait the whole day thinking about what to chat with des the following evening.Jes had been smitten by des' personality.

Des revealed less and less of her personality taking full care that she did justice to her email-id.An he loved the mysticism this mystic beauty from the Serbian hills displayed and had decided to meet her sometime in the near future.

Suddenly, the Serbian war for democracy began and Jes came to know that Pazar was in the midst of the war and was no more than a pile of dust now.As much as he tried to console himself ,it slowly came to him that his Des was gone...

He would sit daily opening his messenger hoping against hope.

Three years have passed on and things have changed. has lost its popularity.And Jes his hair.

Spring has set in and Jes was in front of his mac again ,when he suddenly saw a beep and then sprang a message from the lower left corner of his mac book screen.

It read "Hi"...

[P.S-- Inspired By selma!!]